Providing Support, Healing and Hope

EMDR & Narrative Therapy

Trauma is any experience that causes distress and fear related to our safety, personhood, life, and relationships.

Trauma is truly in the heart, mind and soul of the person impacted by it’s wake. No matter how small an event or experience may seem to the outside world, our bodies and brains can be deeply impacted by situations that compromise our well-being, whether real or perceived.

I believe trauma recovery comes from creating space that honors what has happened, acknowledges the grief, pain, anger, etc. that has followed, as well as finding ways to integrate these elements of our story in ways that empower, honor, and equip you to move forward in hope and strength.

Trauma therapy that incorporates all aspects of our body’s understanding and experience (cognitive, somatic, and emotional), I believe is the most effective and lasting support for healing trauma. Therefore, I utilize both EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Narrative therapy techniques to support Client’s in finding holistic healing from trauma.